I love the non-medieval games and also the futuristic tabletop RPG games because of many reasons related to the fantasy world that can be created with them and how escaping from reality can be easier with them.

The End Of The World

All apocalyptic games start from the same premise of the world coming to an end, but they all do it from a creative point of view. For example in The Dying Earth, the novel by Jack Vance, the Sun is about to become extinct and it flickers, goes in and out and also menaces to end all life on Earth. This kind of setting allows for a loose imagination because life is about to end in a definitive way. There is no survival to the Sun losing its heat. The end of the world can bring some very interesting things to the table.

80s Kid

Starting with Mad Max 2 and then going through so many others, all of us 80s kids grew up with that kind of scenery in our eyes for a long time. The apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic science fiction characters become instant heroes to me. They have no worries and death is always around the corner. Again, this setting seems to set something loose in the imagination of my friends and also on mine.

For all of us 80s kids, apocalyptic RPGs are a gold mine!

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