Tabletop role playing games combine fantasy, role playing and storytelling in a wonderful way to make for hours of entertaining play time. There is something really special about these games that let you play characters from your favorite characters even from the shows you have loved. These games call for acting skills along with an understanding of basic role play to begin with. These might actually be a little tricky for new fans to understand and dip in. Following are a few nice table top RPG games that I picked up as a newbie in the department and it goes without saying that today I am a PRO and have many hours of play time under my belt.

Honorable Mention – Sis Loves Me

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SisLovesMe Is The Famous Series For Step Sisters XXX

Yes, you are seeing it right. I actually make a tribute to Sis Loves Me – the famous website that promotes the fantasy of step sisters having sex. It’s been a great inspiration in RPG games and damn, incest is a taboo that’s been used even in Game of Thrones. You should really see this series to understand the complex relations between step sisters in brothers in this fantasy world.

1. Dungeons And Dragons

This is a classic role play game and in fact it was the first tabletop RPG to enthrall us RPG lovers. This was the first game I played with my friends. This game has been around for 5 decades now and has enthralled generations of RPG players with its plenty of content. Dungeons and Dragons has a lot of rules and a number of options that double as traps. This game is both exciting and satisfying and experts claim that the later versions are less complicated and offer a ton of material to keep you engaged for hours at a time.

2. Legend

Here is a simple game that has lesser rules and is also good when it comes to avoiding traps. You will never find an RPG lover who will have anything negative to say about Legends. It is a good choice for beginners and that is probably the reason my friends introduced me to this system when I was a newbie. I think this is a great game to pick up when you are new and if you have a tactical mind, it won’t be long before you become an expert. One important thing you will need a is a fair amount of time to learn all the nuances.

3. Mouse Guard

Mouse guard is not an easy system to learn and enjoy but it was one of the first RPG games a tried. It is based on the popular comics Mouse Guard written by David Peterson and you must have guessed by now that I was a fan. This game has an interesting story behind it because of the whole comic book series and therefore, it also has a strong built in storyline for the players. This game is definitely one of the more affordable RPG’s that call for some kickass roleplaying.

4. Fate

Fate is free. Now that does not mean it is not a ‘worth it’ game. It is definitely light on rules, which makes it a good choice for beginners. I picked it up as a newbie because of both of these reasons but over the time I wanted to play more of it; it’s addictive. Fate is a good system and will offer you fresh perspective about RPGs. It is extremely light on the rules and is a league apart from the traditional games like Dragons and Dungeons that bank heavily on rules. Is it worth it? Well, I still love it.

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