Creation Of The Universe – The Story Of Demiurge

The demiurge is a platonic concept. The word comes from a greek expression once turned into latin and then deformed. It started out being a word to describe a certain class of artisans and craftsmen in ancient greece. The word then turned into creator and was used to give the name to the creator of this world. Let´s dive a little deeper here to see what it means.

Gnostic Myth

According to the Gnostic Myth, the Demiurge is a creature with supreme powers given at birth by his mother. The problem was that his mother (Pleroma´s partial aspect) did this without any kind of divine permission. Once the creature was created she had to hide it and created a cloud with a throne to isolate it from everything else. The Demiurge was then blinded and didn´t know anything about the outer world at all. The power source of divinity was very strong in it, so it created the world in resemblance of the Pleromatic one. This realm framed seven heavens and all living creatures.

Parallel to this, Sophia (wisdom or knowledge) which is retrieved from humans at birth is their divinity origin. According to this myth, we humans have lost our divine status and with that loss we have been deprived of our Sophia or supreme knowledge. We roam the world created by the Demiurge as animals and only when we come to know and understand the Sophia we can reclaim our divine status.

The Use In Kult

Kult is a non-medieval tabletop RPG game that feeds on the myth of the Demiurge. There has been a lot of controversy about the use of biblical figures such as angels and demons on RPG because for those who are Catholic believers is, perhaps a misuse, a lack of respect. But truth be told, Kult is an awesome game created by people who has done thorough research and dealt with the subject in a delicate manner.

In the Kult story line and rule book, the Demiurge´s essence is kept. It is not an evil character, it acts negatively because it is hugely powered and deceived by negative forces. The plot goes that the magical spell that this creature has created for the world maintains all humans from reaching their original divinity. There is a feature called “Awakening” that´s only for those characters who can reach a certain level and has a similar meaning as finding the Sophia had for ancient Greeks.

A Maker Ignorant Of Spirituality

The Demiurge is completely ignorant and antagonistic to everything related to spirituality. It is a maker, an artisan, a craftsman. Such an ignorant maker it is that it can easily be deceived over that terrain it has no power on. According to the original Gnostic Myth, it is the creator of man and also envies the divine spark of spirituality all humans he created have and he lacks.