About Me

I am a Role Playing Games enthusiastic player and overall fanatic.

You might think of me as a geek, a nerd, an old-school guy who continues to play ancient games with his old buddies, but I am a happy man.

I think that my happiness comes from enjoying the gaming culture from the face-to-face side of life.

Let´s just start from the beginning. I was close to the end of my teen years when I discovered Role Playing Games. Options to them were the Galaxian, Atari games and sports to which I never was any good. The first times we got together at a friend´s house to just read rule books and try to understand how it worked was because we had heard on the radio people talking about the RPG Culture.

By that time Dungeons & Dragons was just starting out and there weren´t as much options and incarnations as we have now. The first times we played it, we were completely amazed and hours just went by really fast. I wondered to myself if I could make a living, a lifestyle around it because I was so fascinated with the idea of playing that everything else seemed boring.

Time did go by and we got to our college years. We all moved around a lot and starting going to parties, meeting women, taking drugs and listening to rock and roll but that RPG flame was still in our hearts. Every summer we would go back home to see the family and get together to play D&D with each other. Eventually I put together a D&D group in college but it wasn´t much of a success. We opened up and started trying to play other RPGs and enjoying full-albums in the background. I´m talking about the Grunge era, we would play Nirvana, Melvins, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and all those bands really loud while we played.

Eventually, college days were over and I was left with a degree and a pregnant girlfriend who then turned into my wife and that huge belly turned into my first daughter Grace (a fan of D&D of course). Our meetings 

got scarcer but we all lived in the same city again. I call us the Five Gladiators of the Lost World because we are gladiators and because RPG playing is a lost world.

Because of my history, my daughters, my family and my friends who support my decisions now I play on a weekly basis and get tons of fun from the RPG games and decided to put this blog together to pass my knowledge, convictions, tips and overall enthusiasm to those who are doubtful of getting into it.

Don’t Overthink, Just Play!