I am a Role Playing Games enthusiastic player and overall fanatic

You might think of me as a geek, a nerd, an old-school guy who continues to play ancient games with his old buddies, but I am a happy man. I think that my happiness comes from enjoying the gaming culture from the face-to-face side of life.

Role playing games are a classic way of having fun among friends

Getting together with people who love the same things you do and embarking in an adventure is priceless. Mostly, groups get together with people who share the same interests. This is my past and also my present. Long live RPG!

The Tabletop RPG Games That I Started As A Newbie

Tabletop role playing games combine fantasy, role playing and storytelling in a wonderful way to make for hours of entertaining play time. There is something really special about...

Why I Love Apocalyptic Kind of Games

I love the non-medieval games and also the futuristic tabletop RPG games because of many reasons related to the fantasy world that can be created with them and how escaping from...

My Tips To Keep The Tabletop RPG Game Flowing With Friends

Playing tabletop RPG is an activity that requires others, it is as simple and easy as that, you can´t do it on your own. Are there people in the world who play tabletop RPG...

The Best 10 Games To Play In 2018 In The US

This is my selection and my little aid to all those tabletop RPG players out there who want to play the newest, most hip games. If you´re not currently having fun with the game...

How I Got Started In RPG And Why I Keep On Doing It

Role playing games are a classic way of having fun among friends. Getting together with people who love the same things you do and embarking in an adventure is priceless. Mostly,...

KULT: Divinity Lost RPG

KULT: DIVINITY LOST is a reboot of the highly acclaimed and infamous contemporary horror role-playing game “Kult”, originally released a quarter of a century ago, in 1991. This version of the game features a completely new rule-set, and the setting is updated to present day.

Insipred by Girl Cum

Girl Cum - Females Having Their Moments

A lot can be said about KULT, but certain aspects of the game are taken straight from the debuting adult video series called Girl Cum. With a close-up focus on certain aspects of intercourse you can now witness the climax levels these famous actresses get. With no chances to showcase their skills in the past Girl Cum is their new home when it comes to female cum!

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Stay Fit With Cardiogasm


Cardiogasm is the newest project of entertainment aimed at health awareness and everything that makes us fit. In times like this (we are writing this in 2020) you can be sure staying fit is crucial and these girls are here to present you their tricks of achieving that in a spectacular and pleasible way.

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Scout Boys At Camp

ScoutBoys.org - Boys At Camp

Scout Boys is the place where all boys-only adventures go. Surrounded by masculinity all over the place they discover their bodies and their preferences. Boys will be boys after all, but with help of elders they have their first-time boy fun time.

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Lesbea – European Lesbians


Lesbea is all about showing you how beautiful girl on girl love can be. With the most beautiful girls from Europe starring you can be sure the quality of this production is going to be second to none. Watch hundreds of episodes already available on the official video site below.

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Mom Lover Network

MomLover Network

The most beautiful mature ladies featured in kinky scenarios with their young partners. Watch them in several series dedicated to cherishing their experience and dirty minds. Created in 2022 by Nubiles crew Mom Lover is your ultimate place for enjoying the finest MILF content.

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Bottom Games

Bottom Games – join the fun game of who’s going to top & bottom in those gay physical activities. All those exercises end up the very same way – in win/win situation!

Girlfriends Films

Girlfriends Films – the finest girl on girl cinema is here. And it’s been here for last 20 years, so why don’t you take a look into endless ocean of lesbian fun?

Touch My Wife

Touch My Wife – cuckold and consensual cheating fun in this exclusive series where wives are pleased to the maximum. Caring husbands allow them to go to the wild side, no questions asked!

ASGMax - Alpha Studio Group

ASGMax –  the new hegemon in the world of gay entertainment. The biggest merger of gay studios in 2023 is completed and you are invited to take a look on the effect!


VOYR –  the hottest gay studio of 2024 is finally launched. Watch the hottest Latin bodies in non-stop, no-excuse picturesque gay paradise! Are you ready to step in?

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