Playing tabletop RPG is an activity that requires others, it is as simple and easy as that, you can´t do it on your own. Are there people in the world who play tabletop RPG games? Of course there are, but the whole industry is in a simple non-stop decline. Let´s take a look at the tips you can follow to keep your group together and have regular non-screen fun.

The Importance Of Variety

This is, to me, rule #1 of keeping the group together. There are a plethora of games in different genres out there. Surely, everyone who sits at your round table to play with you has different tastes and interests. The key is to keep it dynamic and give in every now and then. Take my case for example, I don´t like engine-building games and completely love sci-fi scenarios. I can´t find the fun in putting the pieces together but can spend hours designing a planet. My buddy Tom loves engine-building games and is not exactly thrilled with deep-space adventures.

The tip is: play varied games, give in and keep it interesting.

We just give in and play all the games that we love taking turns. I say yes to an engine-building session and he says yes to a sci-fi adventure. We have some common interests, of course, but also play different games that appeal to each other.

Add Something Extra

Which is one of the main reasons we humans get together? That´s right, to eat! So, why should a tabletop RPG session be any different than that? Here´s my tip: bring the food you love the most to the session. In my case, I have a lovely wife who is a marvelous cook and loves me a lot. She knows all my friends and has been at some sessions but is not really a player like me. So, whenever I get together to play with my fellows, she will make the most delicious snacks for us to enjoy while laughing and playing. It is a little something extra I can bring besides my persona, sense of humor and wisdom. Some of my friends do the same and by the end of the afternoon we are so full that we skip dinner!

Try The New Technology

The year on Earth is currently 2018 and most of the best games to play this year are meant to be played in this era. What I have tried with some of them is playing through Skype and Google Hangouts using a web camera and a microphone. It is not the same, but I can play games my friends don´t want to, or even play with other friends who are living overseas. For those of us who are D&D players, there is some software created that Game Masters can use virtually. I´ve tried them all only as a player and while it´s not the same, it is much better than not playing.

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