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I believe that more heads think better than one and that when people get together the result of collaboration is higher than each individual effort. This is the main reason behind this blog and one of the pillars of my life. I have been doing this for a long time and know exactly what you might be going through, trust me, I can help you with whatever you´re stuck with.

Having loving friends and fellow mates who back you up in this journey is completely critical, so I would love this blog to become a community in which we can communicate to others who share the same interests that we do. Together we can forge tighter bounds and make time to get together for sessions that involve a lot more people, making it more fun than ever.

If you have something to tell me, if you have something to share, if you just want to say hi or perhaps share your story or a picture of you playing, go right ahead. Contact me if you have any doubts, comments, suggestions or just to reach out and keep on forming the community.

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