This is my selection and my little aid to all those tabletop RPG players out there who want to play the newest, most hip games. If you´re not currently having fun with the game you´re playing with your friends it is not about quitting tabletop RPG, it´s about choosing the best one.

1 Stars Without Number 2nd Edition

“The year is 3200 and mankind’s empire lies in ashes…”  This is the opening line of this classic Sci-Fi tabletop RPG. If you are captivated by it and want to find out what comes next, you won´t be disappointed. Received by critical acclaim at the end of 2017, this masterpiece has  earned the first place and grants hours of fun.

2 Azul

RPG games once started as strategy games and this magnificent piece lives up to that heritage. The choice of being a slow-paced player or an aggressive one is up to you. Some of us love to focus on our own board and build our mosaic little by little. Others want to go hands-on and take the game to a sudden finale whenever it´s most convenient for you. Either way, you´ll have a ton of fun.

3 Titans Grave

This mash-up of science and magic works as a sci-fi wonder that you will love instantly. It draws inspiration from a number of classic sources like Heavy Metal but takes playability to the extreme. There are no boundaries for imagination in this game. The story revolts around a prophet (evil, of course) who is trying to separate magic from science for good. Interstellar travelling, fun creatures and the whole universe await.

4 Gamma World

This is another one of those Mad Max inspirations that I happen to completely love. In this incarnation, the state-of-the-art futuristic technology is mixed with some Marvel-worth mutant powers. As if this was not enough, star writers Robert Schwalb and Bruce Cordell were involved in the development of the story, characters and artifacts. Gamma World here I go!

5 Numenera 2: Discovery And Destiny

Fans can never get enough of their favorite products and this is by no chance an exception. The key to understanding this incarnation is that the whole game is changed because the two books that embody it replace the original rule book. It is still a billion years in the future, but the world-building tools are completely changed, which give a new environment to a new set of rules and characters.

6 The Expanse

If well it is powered by the already very popular rule set named Adventure Game Engine by Green Ronin, this hard-sci experience is one of a kind. It is based on the famous novel series by James Corey. They became more popular when the TV show came on the air, but for die-hard science fiction fans like me, they have always been a classic. The game respects and adds to the story with criteria and a refined taste.

7 Kult: Divinity Lost

Are you into horror? Well, this incarnation of the 25-year-old Swedish game is the ultimate experience. The good old “trapped in an illusion” and nightmare resources open the gate for demons and other horrifying creatures that will give you two things: Goosebumps and a smile. Images and crafting are impeccable too.

8 Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition

Kenneth Hite (involved in the project) is not only a veteran designer, but also sort of a celebrity in the tabletop RPG world (if such thing is possible). Out initially in 1991 I remember playing this game while discovering the voice of a generation in the throat of Nirvana´s frontman Kurt Cobain. A whole underworld of vampires, werewolves and other classic creatures can be endless fun.

9 Space Base

If you like engine-games, then you will love this one. What I hate about engine-building games is the slow pace and the time-consuming first stages where nothing at all happens. Well, Space Base was the idea of a friend of mine who hates war games and plays them anyway. I couldn´t refuse because it all comes back. That being said, I loved it! Sure, it takes time and dedication but all the moments I used to be bored in other engine-building RPGs weren´t present in the layout. Frantic rhythm and cool cards make this a loveable game.

10 The Fall Of Delta Green

I´m not so much into real tabletop RPGs. By the world “real” I mean close to reality and close to this day and world. Why so? Because I´m a creative science fiction lover that loves travelling to other dimensions and forgets about bills to pay. But this game is an exception because the scenarios you can create and the rule book are just impeccable. A must-try if you are not into this kind of games.

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