I am a Role Playing Games enthusiastic player and overall fanatic

You might think of me as a geek, a nerd, an old-school guy who continues to play ancient games with his old buddies, but I am a happy man. I think that my happiness comes from enjoying the gaming culture from the face-to-face side of life.

Role playing games are a classic way of having fun among friends

Getting together with people who love the same things you do and embarking in an adventure is priceless. Mostly, groups get together with people who share the same interests. This is my past and also my present. Long live RPG!

My Favorite Futuristic Games

Well, I was a boy in the eighties and that is the exact reason why sci-fi settings make so much sense to me. Think of et, enemy mine, aliens, blade runner, flash gordon, the last...

Benefits Of Playing These Games

There are a lot of people putting a stamp on the forehead of people who play RPG with the word “nerd” written in thick black. It is just the way people sees us from the outside...

Non-Medieval Games You Should Know And Play

Every now and then we humans have to mix it up a little to keep it interesting. One of the worst things that can happen to those of us with an active imagination is the flatness...

Tabletop RPG: The Lost Art Of Using The Imagination

There is no game created by a videogame studio yet that can match the infinite options tabletop RPG can open up for you. Human imagination has absolutely no boundaries and with a...

KULT: Divinity Lost RPG

KULT: DIVINITY LOST is a reboot of the highly acclaimed and infamous contemporary horror role-playing game “Kult”, originally released a quarter of a century ago, in 1991. This version of the game features a completely new rule-set, and the setting is updated to present day.

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